you make me a ghost

an invisible disaster

26 February 1990
Invisible Feelings
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books, britney spears, chace crawford, desperate housewives, english, epitafios, fanfiction, fics, flowers in the attic, friends, gay p0rn, gossip girl, graphic design, grey's anatomy, horror movies, icons, internet, j2, jared padalecki, jensen ackles, katie cassidy, kradam, kris allen, kris/adam, kt tunstall, lims, lost, megan joy, movies, music, p0rn, padackles, paulo coelho, photoshop, private practice, queer as folk, ruby, sam winchester, sam/dean, samydean, slash, stephen king, supernatural, will & grace, wincest
you want a piece of me? ♠
jorge david. 22. venezuelan. graphic designer. pisces. fanboy. english lover. tv shows addict. iconmaker. fic writter. smart. creative. quiet. proud.
make it a freakshow ♣
currently obssesed with: glee. grey's anatomy. true blood. supernatural. gossip girl. misfits. skins. the vampire diaries. once upon a time. dexter.

& also: united states of tara. queer as folk. will & grace. friends. charmed. lost. harper's island. sabrina, the teenage witch. sailor moon. desperate housewives. private practice. lost girl.
put another dime in the jukebox ♪
britney spears. laura pausini. taylor swift. madonna. kt tunstall. ingrid michaelson. katy perry. la oreja de van gogh. ha*ash. mika. t.a.t.u. kylie minogue. shakira. p!nk. natalie imbruglia. ashlee simpson. avril lavigne. kelly clarkson. nicola roberts. robyn.
i don't believe in fairytales ♥
the dollanganger series; the casteel series; the cutler series; my sweet audrina; broken wings/midnight flight ~ v.c. andrews. suffer the children ~ john saul. pet sematary ~ stephen king. eleven minutes; brida; veronika decides to die; the zahir; the witch of portobello; like the flowing river ~ paulo coelho. el túnel ~ ernesto sábato. the harry potter series ~ j.k. rowling
closest thing to heaven ♦
you can find all of my graphics @ invisible_f.

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